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Rhythm Nutrition Movement and Mind

There are four aspects of being that we must pay attention to in order to feel content, balanced, fulfilled by life and also to avoid undesirable physical and mental issues. These aspects are

1) Sleep and Circadian Rhythm, 2) Nutrition, 3) Exercise and 4) Mind.

This informative and transformative course consists of four1-hour modules that include a range of breath work, grounding and meditation practices. They are also packed with modern content from a range of top, up to date neuro scientists, nutritionists, Buddhist and Yoga meditation professionals.


Each module is dedicated to one of these key aspects and can be given over a four day or four-week period. The mindset module covers both meditation and yoga and is ideal for anyone struggling to engage with a daily practice either at home or in studios. Clients will recieve an info pack that consists of everything we cover in the sessions.

Please email to arrange a free consultation call to talk in more depth about what the course consists of and if It is right for you at this time.

Course fee: £150


Please see testimonials for great client feedback.

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