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I enjoyed my sessions with Dan immensely and feel I could talk with him for ever. He really made me feel at ease and helped me calm my mind so we could talk over the different subjects of health.
Dan strikes me as someone very passionate about what he is doing and with the most positive of energies will help you as he has helped me to reinforce those key ingredients to life.  - Mark

I am forever grateful to Daniel for the sessions we did. I had recently been discharged from a mental health ward and I felt so much better after just 4 sessions over the course of a week, than I did after 6 weeks of talking to psychologists and psychiatrists. We covered sleep, nutrition, exercise, yoga and meditation. Dan really delves into the core of each of these and highlights the real benefits of each - which is rare to find these days. A great listener who is incredibly perceptive and wise and a lovely human being. A true inspiration. I can't recommend the sessions enough. Thankyou Daniel for putting me on the right path. - Unchie


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